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HealthCare is a school project that made me involved in product design very first time. I have a chance to learn how to do the research and wireframe the concept.


User Experience, User interface design, wireframing



Student Work


Sometimes, it is hard for people to tell others that what's wrong with them, even for themselves. Many people want to get cured immediately, but the truth is they have to make an appointment first which means they have to suffer the pain more time. Of course, if the illness is not that severe, they also can find the answer online, however, no one knows if this treatment is right or not, and it may cause much more troubles.


HealthCare is an App that puts you at the center of your healthcare anywhere, anytime. In this project, HealthCare is offering a new way to help users, which can let the users point out where the place they are getting hurt, and this App will learn about the potential causes and give the users the most appropriate treatment immediately.

User Taskflow

Task flows helped us to think through the design, before a feature is actually developed. It helped us to interject the user into the flow of the application, and determine if the conceptual model agrees with the user model.


Mid fidelity Wireframe


User Interface Design

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